1st and main way Identify and Suspend Instagram Fake Account

First and main way to Identify and Suspend Instagram Fake Account Online Tool. it’s very easy and fast way Identify and Suspend Instagram Fake Account. Follow instructions


  • Go This Tool : Identify and Suspend Tool
  • Enter Instagram username (You Want to Identify and Suspend)
  • Complete Captcha
  • Then clickStart Button
  • After That You Need to (Complete Small Survey Or Install an App)
  • Then you Identify and Suspend Instagram Fake Account

You Will Check In 4 to 5 Minutes

2rd way Identify Instagram Fake Account

There are a couple of ways to identify a fake Instagram account.

The number of posts that appear back to back in minutes tells the story behind the fake account.

People who use Instagram for business purposes have to design banner or videos that usually or minimum take 24 hours of the time period.

Personal or individual Instagram accounts also post a couple of times a week.

Then there usually come the fake accounts that upload a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 images in minutes.

This is something that is not what a social media channel describes, who uploads 4 to 10 images back to back on that account where people know the individual very well.

They would normally call him sick if one does it on his personal or business account.

Also, a fake account suddenly stops posting for a couple of days or a week as the user is busy hanging out with the real account.

Usually, people on Instagram make fake accounts of females thinking to grab the followers in a very quick and easy way.

Profile photos kept by the users usually belong to a famous personality that attracts the audience’s attention in a shorter time.

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3rd Way Identify Instagram Fake Account

These are some signs that an account could be fake:

1. The profile photo doesn’t look realistic, often it shows a pretty girl or boy.
2. The account has unrealistic photo gallery with only a few photos in it. Sometimes it’s full of selfies, but somehow the person in the selfie doesn’t match the person in the profile photo. Or the gallery is full of beautiful photographs that look like they have been shot professionally, but if you read the bio, it says a completely different narrative (professional photographer normally says about their passion and their job in the bio).
3. You can also check when the photos in the gallery being posted, if they have been posted roughly at the same day, then it’s one of the signs that they have been uploaded by a bot.
4. The number of followers are far exceed the number of followings.
5. Check the first photo in the gallery and when it was posted, if it’s just recently then it could mean that it’s a new account. Combine with the numbers of followers it starts to be suspicious.

4rd way Identify Instagram Fake Account

Screenshots show that this user has only 74% real followers… which means approximately 11,000 are bots.

Even without a tool like this one, you can rely on engagement to be a key indicator of “genuine influence.” If the number of followers vs. the engagement just doesn’t add up, it’s likely that someone bought audience.

But nowadays, users can also buy engagement! So how do you check that?

Fake engagement (or bot followers) can also be spotted in the comments. Slews of unintelligible remarks (the comment doesn’t correspond to the photo) or generic comments like “cute” “great photo!” are oftentimes fake. Click on the commenters profile to see. Bot accounts typically follow hundreds but have no followers and often, no content of their own.

Lastly, another way to see if someone is “fake” is to save their pictures and then search them in Google’s “search by image” tool. Oftentimes bot accounts will scrap photos of real people (sometimes from advertisements or celebrities) and then use them as their profile pictures.

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Answer based on my experience running an influencer marketing tech company. Our software uses algorithms to identify fake influencers.


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